Sunday, October 22, 2017

Help in the Kitchen.

Ft. Kat's Korner @The Cove

Help in the Kitchen.

Kael had a idea, he wanted some hot cocoa. Izzy was hungry and wanted some bacon.

Kael and Izzy's mom said they could have both, If they helped her in the kitchen.

Kael's job was to stir the hot cocoa mix in the cups.  He learned he had to be very careful, and stir real slow.  If you stir too fast you could make a mess, or worse splash an burn yourself.  So he was very careful and with his moms supervision, stirred everyone a perfect  cup of cocoa.

Izzy had bacon duty!  This was not a great job for Izzy, she had to practice her patience. Mom cooked the bacon while Izzy tapped her toes waiting FOREVER for it to be done.  When it was finally done, Izzy dished it onto the plates.

If you try to sneak eat bacon before your Mom tells you it's OK, you will probably burn your tongue and you won't get much sympathy.

Bacon and hot cocoa for breakfast is delicious.

It's even better when you get to help make it.

Then they learned about dishes.  Funny how doing dishes with bubbles is fun when your 2. :)

Kat's Korner. On Izzy the Candylicious Jammies. On Kael the Need Coffee Halloween Edition Pj's. Both come in TD Baby and Bebe sizes. There is a third outfit at the event as well. They are 75L at event, will be 99L in store. 
All of these outfits can be found at the October Cove Event LM HERE
Kat's Korner Mainstore is HERE

What Izzy is wearing:
Body: TD baby
Shape: Khaleesi Moon Shape v4 (Fairy)
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Moon
Skin: ~ EnferSombre Porcelain Tone - Baby
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Nymph
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] Steking_Ears_Season5
Accessory: Kibitz - Star necklace - gold
Accessory: :BoWillow: Galaxy Birthstone Rings - Left RARE
Accessory: :BoWillow: Galazy Birthstone Rings - Right RARE
Accessory: LBM Nose Bandage

What Kael is wearing:
What Kael is wearing: 
Body: Toddleedoo baby 
Shape:  Emily shape self edit
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Moon
Skin: Enfer Sombre - Baby Porcelain
Eyes: Buzz moonstone eyes Avada and Pure
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair: Stealthic Rebellion - reds
Accessory: Half Deer Pointy Fluffy Ears and Long Fluffy Tail - grey

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