Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cute n' Creepy unless it crawls!

Ft. The Spunky Monkey, MurMur, Twiple Twouble, Say Cheese, Vicarious Youth, & Wishes @Shop Hop

Cute n' Creepy unless it crawls!

Nothing scares Izzy! almost!  And as long as she's around, Kael is not scared either.

So bring on the ghouls!

Bring on the skeletons!

Bring on the Witches!

These two are not easily spooked.

TSM Stripes Outfit, {MurMur} star wand, ~TT~ Lil punkin bag 1,  [SC] Time for Halloween

They even think all things creepy are rather fun.  The dark, just means they can hide.  Monsters, well they are probably furry.  Jack-O lanterns are like little light's to sort candy by.

TSM Stripes Outfit and [SC] Halloween Balloons

BUT spiders.  Now they are just not OK.

Bring on the creepy things, but keep away the creepy crawly things!

{V*Y} Family Mommy's Monsters & Wishes Halloween Cats decor- white

The Spunky Monkey Stripes Outfit Fatpack. Price 99L$. Sized for TD Baby/Kid and Bebe too! 11 awesome designs, and you get all of them for under 100L. They come as one piece shirt/pants, shoes are not included. These items are on the October Shop Hop Round. More information below about Shop Hop.
Spunky Monkeys Mainstore is HERE, Marketplace HERE.

Say Cheese Time for Halloween pose. Price 95L$. Made for Toddleedoo, can be used with one or two kids. Copy, nm, nt. 4 poses built in. Will be available at the Say Cheese Mainstore HERE even after Shop Hop ends.

MurMur star wand and Twiple Twouble  Lil Punkin Bag 1. These 2 adorable items are Hunt items for the Shop Hop Hunt going on the month of October (even after event ends) MurMur store HERE. Twiple Twouble store HERE


Say Cheese Halloween Balloons. This pose is a hunt item by Say Cheese for the Shop Hops October Hunt. Balloons come with the pose and it is c/m/nt. Sized for Toddleedoo avatars.


Vicarious Youth Mommy's Monsters. 99L$ each or all three for 275L$. This is a matching mommy and me outfit that include a unisex/boy option. Outfit comes in a toddler dress (TD baby & kid), toddler shirt and cargos (bebe, TD baby & TD kid), and Adult fits Standard (fitted), Maitreya (experimental), Belleza Freya and Isis, and Slink Physique & Hourglass. Vicarious youth can be found in world HERE and on Marketplace HERE

Wishes Halloween Cats decor - white. This decoration comes in black as well. It is a hunt item at the October Shop Hop Hunt for the month. They can be found somewhere in the Wishes Mainstore HERE


All of these items are either items in the October Shop Hop Event or found in the Shop Hop Hunt. To join in the fun you need to join the Shop Hop Group and the first Saturday of the month a Hud is sent out in a notice (if you miss it you can snag it in the group info under past notices). Just add the HUD and it will have a list of stores. click the store on the HUD and you will TP. Each store will have atleast one special item that is marked to 100L or less. Stay at that store for at least one minute, you will get a notice in nearby chat that it is good to go, and the store on your HUD will be checked off. Go to all the stores and you will get a special monthly prize from the featured store.

The Shop Hop Hunt is a month long event that takes places at some of the Shop Hop stores (not all, refer to your HUD) Lots of loot!


What Izzy is wearing:
Body: TD baby
Shape: Khaleesi Moon Shape v4 (Fairy)
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Moon
Skin: ~ EnferSombre Porcelain Tone - Baby
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes - Nymph
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] Steking_Ears_Season5
Hair: Barberyumyum*S07 red & nekomimi (gift)
Accessory: LBM Nose Bandage

What Kael is wearing:
Body: Bad Seed Bebe Body
Shape: Skylarchristine resident bebe shape - self edit not for sale.
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Moon
Skin: Enfer Sombre - Baby Porcelain
Eyes: Buzz moonstone eyes Avada and Pure
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair: Barberyumyum*S07 red & nekomimi (gift)
Accessory: Half Deer Pointy Fluffy Ears and Long Fluffy Tail - grey

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