Monday, January 8, 2018

Learning to Skate!

Ft. McKidz, Sophie's Closet, & Buglets @The Play Room

Sometimes there is something soooo fun that we want to do, but we might not know how.  And we have to be patient for someone to show us how.  And we have to practice and practice till we get it right.

Izzy wanted to ice skate.  She knew she could twirl, and spin, and slide right along she just needed a few lessons. Her first lesson was today, she just had to wait for 6 P.M.

Izzy was ready as soon as she got up.  She had to find ways to pass time all day. It seemed like the lesson would never start!

Izzy planned and dreamed of twirling on the ice tonight and she waited and waited and waited until it was finally time.

When it was finally time, the first thing Izzy learned is how easy it is to fall.  Luckily the teacher had some good tools to help Izzy learn some basics.  Sometimes you gotta start slow.  Some things don't come easy.  Sometimes what you want to do (when you get to do it) ends up not being what you thought.  Just not as easy.  It takes a few lesson before you get to spin.

So be patient and keep practicing. It might take a bit longer than you expected but a few lessons and some hard work and you will be spinning soon.

Sophie's Closet Ice Princess Gacha. Blue or Pink (Pink top picture, blue bottom two). Bebe, TD Baby and Kid sizes. Comes with Dress (skirt, coat, scarf), Earmuffs and skates. 
Sophie's Closet Mainstore can be found HERE

McKidz Height Chart. Click on the height chart to be told your height. No rares. 10 commons to collect. 

Buglets Buppy Love Gacha. Holdable, Loveable. Puppy Bunny Love. 50L a pull, 12 commons 1 Rare floral with HUD. 
Buglets Mainstore can be found HERE

All of these items are at the January Play Room event TP HERE. Play Room runs from Jan 5th-31st. 

Pose used in bottom picture is "learning to skate" by Quentino Ceriano

What Izzy is wearing:
Body: Toddleedoo baby
Shape: TB Kayla Shape *Im Little* Shrinkedoo Fairy
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
          *TD* Pretty Tattoo Applier Cheeks and Lips
          *TD* Lashes Applier Volume
Skin: ~ Lambkin. rose {Peony}
Eyes:  *TD* Green Royal Eyes
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair: Monso My Hair Vanilla /Reds

Accessory:  Lambkin *Owie* nose Bandaid

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