Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A day in the life of an Izzy. . .

Ft. The Spunky Monkey @The Play room

Izzy is a good kid!

She is good at drawing, an artist in the making! And Mom's are getting really good at repainting walls!  See what a big helper she is!

She is great at makin bubbles, with gum, in the bathtub, with laundry soap.  The bigger the bubbles the better. And she has helped Mom's get good at getting gum outa her brothers hair too! She has helped him find such handsome haircuts!

She is good at feeding the cat, and all her pets and brother the Kitty Kibble.  The animals and her Kael are NEVER hungry!


She is good at cleaning her plate, and everyone elses! She is a big helper with the desert dishes, they are all licked clean!

And she is really good at keeping Mom on her toes, especially at night. Bedtime is not Izzy's favorite.  She helps Mom get lots of exercise carrying her back to bed!

See what a big helper Izzy is around the house!

The Spunky Monkey Helena Gacha. Comes sized for TD baby/kid and Bebe. 5 commons (guinea pig, hedgehog, beaver, squirrel, fox) Rare includes both bear and deer dresses. Each pull includes tintable headband, pearl necklace, bracelet (silver, gold, or rosegold options), dress, shoes (black or white versions)
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Pose in last photo is DollFace- worn out

What Izzy is wearing:
Body: Toddleedoo baby
Shape: TB Kayla Shape *Im Little* Shrinkedoo Fairy
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice
          *TD* Pretty Tattoo Applier Cheeks and Lips
          *TD* Lashes Applier Volume
Skin: ~ Lambkin. rose {Peony}
Eyes:  *TD* Green Royal Eyes
Ears: Unisex [Mandala] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Hair: *ARGRACE* Mia - Red
Accessory:  Lambkin *Owie* nose Bandaid

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